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Moshe Levi
 PJ Birosik - Nationally Syndicated Reviewer,
    'New Age Retailer' -  Jan 1997
After serving in the Israeli army, Moshe Levi followed his childhood dream of studying music and computers  and eventually  relocated to Dallas  as a computer consultant, where he built  his own home studio.  This  album of eight electronic  instrumentals  and two vocal pieces,  in collaboration with  lyricist-soprano Lesley Chudnow,  presents well layered synthesizer pieces  characterized by  an expressive range of  tone and sheer idiomatic  flair. 
Each track  is more  melodically  narrative  than  textural,  though  attractive  ambient embellishments  abound. Through Levi's  imaginative  attention to detail the music  remains vivid even with repeated play.  
10 percent of the proceeds from this recording will be donated to Feed the Children, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and other child-related charities.
Moshe Levi
Rotcod Zzaj
Improvijazzation Nation 8
I ran across announcements about Moshe's (national) CD release on the newsgroups.
It was (I believe) in one of the "new-age" groups. Far more "orchestral" in tone and temper
 than so many of those who affix  that label to their music. There are  also vocal trax here, on which Moshe is joined by Lesley Chudnow.
"Someday I'll Win" is cetainiv well-performed, but "Children Are The Future"
shines thru as the clear "winner" here. Moshe's travels have clearly included 
time and sensitive  reaction(s) to the world around him.
He's able to use simple structures to evoke
images of peaceful worlds that most of us wish we could find to live in. Very relaxing, 
inspirational and heartfelt. Certainly merits a HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED
rating, especially for those who want more than new age drone.
Contact at:
3200 Beckham Ct. , Plano, TX 75075
email to
His website has specific ordering  info: 
Moshe Levi
Time And A Word -  Winter 1998
 A harmonious mixture of  electronic New  Age instrumentals and vocals, Mystic World
 is the first CD from Israeli-born Moshe Levi.  Adorned with colorful metaphysical cover
 art, the album serves as a positive introduction to Levi's music Currently working in Dallas as a computer analyst Levi adds,
"This new CD is a dream come true for me, but it's only the beginning." 
Mystic World was composed, arranged and produced by Levi, who receives support from 
singer/lyricist, Lesley Chudnow  on the album's two vocal tracks. An up-and-coming. performer on the worldwide New Age Music scene, 
Moshe Levi may very well be Israel's  answer to Kitaro. 
Available through Creative Musicians Coalition: 800-882-4262
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